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Wrought iron window boxes, copper window boxes and copper boxes are custom built to your specifications. A window box built by Drews Ironworks is the highest quality custom made window box.

Drews Ironworks: For discerning homeowners who demand top quality.                     

When you unpack your new window box you'll immediately see and feel the difference high quality materials and craftsmanship makes. We build wrought iron window boxes, shutters and planters for architects, home designers, contractors and television shows including HGTV’S Curb Appeal. All of the custom wrought iron window boxes, wrought iron shutters copper and cedar planters  shown on this site are all hand fabricated by Drews Ironworks of Philadelphia.                                                                                                                                                        We specialize in high quality wrought iron window boxes, cedar planters, wrought iron shutters, window grills and burglar bars. We use American made components. Some castings are imported from Italy but we do not use any materials from China. Your window box is custom fabricated by hand completely in Philadelphia USA and will last a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Our goal is to establish a lifetime relationship with our customers by providing high quality products and service. As a satisfied customer, you become our greatest asset by recommending us to your family, friends and neighbors.    The decorative wrought iron flowerbox frames shown on this site serve as support for wooden and plastic liners or potted plants. Window boxes are used to create miniature gardens for flowers and herbs in otherwise unused spaces such as exterior walls, windowsills, and on deck rails. For apartment dwellers, most of our frames can be used on an interior ledge, tabletop, freestanding or any flat surface including rooftops. We can make any of our designs to the size you need or we can build custom ironwork for you by sending us a sketch or photo. Liners are not included but can be added to your order upon request. When emailing us for an estimate, please include the style and size you want along with your zip code so we can include a shipping quote


                   To see other styles click the Photo's to open our catalog page.   


                                We can fabricate custom liners from Cedar or Copper.

Wrought Iron window Boxes, Flower Boxes, Planter Boxes and Window Box Accessories for container gardens: hanging window planters, patio railing planters, deck rail planters, balcony rail flower containers, terrace window flower boxes, rooftop flower gardens or container garden.  Our window boxes are designed to improve your home's "Curb Appeal" Wrought iron window boxes by Drews Ironworks also offers wrought iron shutters in a wide selection of styles. We offer window box planter liners made of cedar wood or copper. Our planters can be used on the exterior and interior of your home. We can build custom matching window boxes and shutters to match your homes personality. Our copper window box liners are made of pure 16oz copper, not copper plated zinc. Cedar and copper window box liners can be made at any custom size. Email us to request quotes and shipping costs for special styles and sizes.                                  




Q.)   What’s one of the first things you see when looking at the average $300,000 - $500,000 home?

 A.)   A $15.00 set of  plastic shutters on the windows.

We design products that give homeowners other choices


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 You can develop many landscape design ideas using our centered around our wrought iron window boxes, wrought iron shutters, cedar or copper liners. Our wrought iron cedar and cooper products can be used both on the interior or exterior of your home. Our window box frames, plant stands and cooper liners can be used to greatly enhance or accent to appearance of your home. Sine we are custom fabricators there is no limit to the designs, styles and sizes we can make.

Custom Orders:

Special sizes will be custom fabricated upon request. Designers, architects and flower show vendors, send your detailed specifications by PDF, JPEG or Fax for price quotes. 

Telephone: (215) 247-7703 With the hectic nature of a working Iron shop, we ask that you send general information questions by E mail.
(215) 247-7703
Postal address
2001 N. 19th St. Phila, PA 19121
Electronic mail
General Information: Drewsironworks@aol.com

Shop supervisor: Rob  
Sales: Mike
Customer Support/ Expeditor: Rose 



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